Wattpad Read #1 – Behind the Nerd

Here it is guys! The very first read pick I posted for Wattpad! Guys, read it please. It’s a wonderful story although it has some swear words so be warned especially if you’re under-aged.

By the way, this was the thing I promised in the previous post. I hoped you read it. Thanks guys if you did read and to DayDr34mingGirl (author of the book) for posting the story.

It is about a girl that is beyond different from what people think of her in school. To know more about the story, don’t forget to read “Behind the Nerd.”

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Love you, guys!!ย ๐Ÿ˜˜


A Late Start

It’s obvious with the title. I woke up at a late start. I had woke up at 12:10 at noon when I checked the iPhone.

I had miss today’s episode of Oh My G!. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ It made me a bit sad when I had noticed. I only miss episodes of Oh My G! when something important comes up or when I’m ‘busy’ (like blogging or watching a movie for an overview). You get the point.

Truth is, I had already woke up at about maybe past 5 cuz I had to transfer to the master’s bedroom cuz I was shivering from the air of the aircon. Brrr! Just saying thatย makes me feel like it.

So yesterday, we slept in Aljo and Nico’s room cuz Daddy already slept there and maybe he missed the aircon feeling when we sleep. FYI, we sleep in the master’s bedroom which isn’t really aircon-powered. We just use electric fans for air power.

Aljo wasn’t neatly positioned in the bed. Even with Daddy. There were just 2 beds. A mattress and Nico’s bed. Aljo and Daddy had slept on the mattress which was on the floor. So Mama and me got the folding bed for me to sleep on. Mama decided to side with Nico on his bed.

Mama gave me a blanket for support from the cold. But I then realized that, the blanket was too short for me. I was thinking was I bigger or just the blanket was shorter. I don’t know what to think.

At that moment, my eyes were itchy and I don’t know why. It seems like I don’t know anything anymore. Going back, because my eyes were itchy, I used the blanket to wipe my eyes. It functioned just like a handkerchief.

Finally, I had slept. We slept with the aircon on until morning. Like I said before, I woke up really at 5 in the morning. What I did was I transferred to the master’s bedroom. I knew Daddy was there cuz he wasn’t on the bed. He was watching tv by that time.

I slept even though I wanted to wake up. I was free when no one was using the computer. But I thought, I lack sleep. We slept about 11:30. So maybe I needed more hours of sleep. Just a few. But what I didn’t know was that I would oversleep.

When I had woken up, it was already late. Like what I had also said before. So I had woken up and got out of bed. Took my lunch and enjoyed the rest of my day.