๐Ÿ“› Another Back-to-School Experience ๐Ÿ“›

New chapter of my life starts today. I’m going back to school! *saying in a sad, annoyed way ๐Ÿ˜“ย I hate when it’s the first day of school. I’ll have even busier life not like in summer. Cuz in summer, I had to update everyday and find some Swiftie News and make some movie overviews.

I wasn’t used to wake up at about 5 in summer but I have to. So I took my daily routine when school days like last year. But something ‘new’ had added up to my rules. This ‘new’ rule was I was not supposed to use the iPhone only, only if I am finished with everythingย โ€“ wake up, take a bath, dress up, eat breakfast and brush my teeth. But maybe by some day, I’ll learn how to break that rule again.

This school is something new for me. It’s Nico’s school. It’s Aquinas University of Legazpi. One of the ‘hardest school’ I’ve heard and known. For me, I think this ‘high school life’ is gonna something challenging. New school, new students, new environment, EVERYTHING is NEW!! I just hope this is something NOTHING like I expected it to be.

We were REALLY early when we had went to Aquinas. It was about 6:15. No, I didn’t wake up early cuz I was excited for school. I’m not. REALLY NOT. ๐Ÿ˜ย โ† That is the face of a SERIOUS person that is NOT KIDDING. Going back,even if we were early there it had already seemed that there were a lot of people. But we managed to see my section and Nico’s section. Seems like we were both in the star sections. Bad luck. Teachers sometimes expect ‘to much’ from star section students. They just have big expectations for the pupils in that section and that means we have to do our best. Our BEST. B-E-S-T.

Some students were just hanging out and chilling outside. We went to my classroom, first. The name’s ”Blessed Margaret of Castello”. There was no one in the classroom YET. The lights and aircon were turned off but I didn’t turned them on nor off except the lights. I was in the room and found a seat but I went out to explore, walk and see the other people and campus to be familiarized. Before I left, someone went in with a name Nicole. No surname said yet. Left so I left a few minutes after. We continue, I had saw Louise with Nicole, Bea and Abbey and some others if I had forgot to mention. ‘Toured’ them going to our classroom. They thought the aircons were already on but they weren’t just yet.

They left but I stayed and read the book I had brought with me. The people came in and time happened to pass by. Before we known it, we were already outside, forming our lines and going for the flag ceremony. I happened to fit in the line. I had been speaking and I thought it was Nicole. We were positioned for the flag ceremony and ready to start. But before that, I finally knew that Nicole wasn’t the one I was REALLY speaking to so I felt stupid. ๐Ÿ˜” But I made friends with her. Her name is Harvey. Her name is familiar to my former classmate in grade 2 which is a boy Harvey. But this is totally a girl Harvey. She’s fun to talk to anyway. ๐Ÿ™‚ She’s a good girl. ๐Ÿ˜ I had finally made a new friend.

We went back to the classroom and we had the introduction. It was normal like usual. It happens every first day of school. But for me, it’s irritating cuz it’s going to happen for about more than 5 times, depends on the subjects we have. I had transferred to the a new seat near Harvey. There, I had met Trisha. 2 new friends. ๐Ÿ˜ There’s this girl, Julia James, she had a sort of a different intro. She had stood up on her chair and really said that she isn’t a boy just cuz of ‘James’ in her name.

”Hindi ako lalaki”

โ€” Julia James Berin

So we did the orientation for the first part until it was time for break. Recess! I had time to see Camille and talk about ‘stuff’. I also saw Jezreel, Zoe and ‘noob’ Alfonsus. And I thought he was in B.U. What a liar! The canteen was a bit full but I managed to get a table for me and Camille. Jezreel joined us. Brea\k time’s over and we had to separate ways again. So sad! ๐Ÿ˜ฃ

We continued but we were to prepare for the mass. It was not ONLY a mass, it was also the installation of the 8th new president and rector of the university. The location was in the AUL dome. Ms. Mirabel said it was hot but not really. The only thing that had been affected by the heat was my legs. The installation took u about another hour. But it finally ended. And it was lunch. But the canteen where we ate recess was closed for the students for that day ย cuz there were visitors. SO I had worried about that cuz I don’t know where to find Mama. But I went to the classroom first cuz maybe there was an announcement or something and to get my bottle. I went to find Mama and Nico but when I was on the covered walk, I saw them and Mama said that we’ll eat at the lobby cuz the canteen that I told you before was closed.

After lunch, I went to the room to put back my bottle and left the room again tot meet up some of my old classmates. I had saw Alfonsus and Zoe. Zoe thought that I had went to Legazpi High but I was there. And I thought he had went to B.U. What a liar! Zoe had thought the same thing. And Alfonsus said that it’s just a joke and we can’t be fooled (not literal). It was time so I went back to the room. I had asked Harvey if he knew a boy named Jezreel cuz Jezreel said that he knew Harvey. And she said yes and they were classmates with Zoe before at Nazarene (school).

We continued with the orientation in the afternoon. And before you know it, it was time already. Time to go home. But we may have a test about those rules, policies and regulations tomorrow or maybe the day after that. Aljo was already there with Mama and Tiyo Tilo. But Nico wasn’t there yet cuz he leaves at 5. At 5, he was there with the others that has a dismissal of 5. We were going home. I had to sit in the front seat with Mama cuz Aljo was sleeping in the place where we were supposed to seat on. He was drooling. Eww! Talk about disgusting! ๐Ÿ˜”

I hate the front seat cuz it was bright so it’s hard for me to sleep and I had to hold the fan with a brochure of Gaisano to block the brightness. But when we were at the middle of the bridge, Aljo did something and that made him woke up. But I still sat on the front and not changed the position I was sitting in. I had managed to stay awake going home but just fell asleep.

Took my breakfast and arranged my bag. We were going to sleep in the aircon but I hadn’t slept yet cuz I just slept for about 2 hours. I had prepared my bag, and Mama checked my hair if there was ‘somethings’ in it, if there were any left. But we had slept and have a new day of ‘torture’ ahead of me.


A Late Start

It’s obvious with the title. I woke up at a late start. I had woke up at 12:10 at noon when I checked the iPhone.

I had miss today’s episode of Oh My G!. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ It made me a bit sad when I had noticed. I only miss episodes of Oh My G! when something important comes up or when I’m ‘busy’ (like blogging or watching a movie for an overview). You get the point.

Truth is, I had already woke up at about maybe past 5 cuz I had to transfer to the master’s bedroom cuz I was shivering from the air of the aircon. Brrr! Just saying thatย makes me feel like it.

So yesterday, we slept in Aljo and Nico’s room cuz Daddy already slept there and maybe he missed the aircon feeling when we sleep. FYI, we sleep in the master’s bedroom which isn’t really aircon-powered. We just use electric fans for air power.

Aljo wasn’t neatly positioned in the bed. Even with Daddy. There were just 2 beds. A mattress and Nico’s bed. Aljo and Daddy had slept on the mattress which was on the floor. So Mama and me got the folding bed for me to sleep on. Mama decided to side with Nico on his bed.

Mama gave me a blanket for support from the cold. But I then realized that, the blanket was too short for me. I was thinking was I bigger or just the blanket was shorter. I don’t know what to think.

At that moment, my eyes were itchy and I don’t know why. It seems like I don’t know anything anymore. Going back, because my eyes were itchy, I used the blanket to wipe my eyes. It functioned just like a handkerchief.

Finally, I had slept. We slept with the aircon on until morning. Like I said before, I woke up really at 5 in the morning. What I did was I transferred to the master’s bedroom. I knew Daddy was there cuz he wasn’t on the bed. He was watching tv by that time.

I slept even though I wanted to wake up. I was free when no one was using the computer. But I thought, I lack sleep. We slept about 11:30. So maybe I needed more hours of sleep. Just a few. But what I didn’t know was that I would oversleep.

When I had woken up, it was already late. Like what I had also said before. So I had woken up and got out of bed. Took my lunch and enjoyed the rest of my day.