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* Warning! This overview may contain spoilers! *

Atlantis: The Lost Empire theatrical poster

~ Atlantis: The Lost Empire Movie Poster ~

Title: Atlantis: The Lost Empire

Released on: 2001

Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi (Science Fiction)

Movie Duration: 1 hour and 36 minutes / 96 minutes

IMDb Rating3d-yellow-star3d-yellow-star3d-yellow-star3d-yellow-star3d-yellow-star3d-yellow-star3d-yellow-star 6.8 / 10  (stars are rounded-off 🙂 )

Where I watched: DVD

Plot (full-detail): Many centuries ago, an accidental weapons discharge would cause a titanic tsunami that threatens to destroy the capital city of Atlantis. The giant crystal that powers the city, known as the Heart of Atlantis, calls upon the Queen and pulls her up so that they would be bonded in order to save the city. Her young daughter, Kidagakash, watches in tears before her father, King Kashekim Nedakh, covers her eyes. The power of the crystal creates a protective barrier around the center of the city, keeping it from being destroyed by the tsunami. However, it also results in the city being buried beneath the subsiding waters.

In 1914, Milo James Thatch is preparing his presentation to his employers at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. on the lost continent of Atlantis. He notes that he believes there is a power source that the Atlanteans used and that it could still be hidden within the sunken city. He reasons that there is a book called the Shepherd’s Journal that has been seen throughout history that would contain a detailed road map to the city and believes that the book is in Iceland. During the presentation, he gets a call to fix the boilers, revealing that he is not an employed linguist or cartographer, but rather the janitor. The Institution’s board then attempt to deceitfully back out. Milo chases after them and manages to corner Mr. Fenton Harcourt, who completely dismisses the existence of Atlantis as myth. Even when Milo threatens to quit, Harcourt notes that the search for Atlantis is a career killer, which is what happened to Milo’s late grandfather Thaddeus Thatch.

Milo returns home disheartened, only to suddenly meet a woman named Helga Sinclair. She tells him that she is there on behalf of her employer with a proposition. When Milo asks who her employer is, she instead drives him to the estate of Preston Whitmore. Upon arriving in Whitmore’s private study, Milo discovers that Whitmore was friends with his grandfather. He finds Whitmore in the middle of completing a yoga session before pointing out a parcel addressed to Milo from his late grandfather. Milo opens the parcel to find, to his disbelief, the Shepherd’s Journal. Whitmore explains that he is fulfilling a bet me made to Thaddeus by financing the expedition, though it is clear that he is willing to do it regardless because of his friendship with him. Whitmore adds that everything is set and all they need is someone who can read the book, which is Milo. Without much hesitation, Milo agrees to participate.

In preparation for the expedition to begin, Milo discovers that Helga is more than just Whitmore’s personal assistant as she is the expedition’s second-in-command. He also has run-ins with the elderly cook Jebidiah “Cookie” Farnsworth and demolitions expert Vincenzo “Vinny” Santorini before Whitmore introduces him to the expedition’s commanding officer Commander Lyle Rourke. Announcements are heard from elderly radio operator Wilhelmina Packard, with the last being for final boarding on the advanced submarine ship theUlysses. After Milo waves Whitmore good-bye, the submarine is launched.

Milo continues to meet some more of the expedition crew, such as French geologist Gaetan “Mole” Moliére, chief medic Doctor Joshua Sweet, and teenage mechanic Audrey Ramirez before conducting a briefing of where to find the entrance leading them to Atlantis. Suddenly, they are attacked by a giant mechanical Leviathan. Despite best efforts to defend themselves against the beast, all hands are forced to abandon ship after it sustains too much damage. The path to the entrance is located and all surviving ships follow with the Leviathan chasing after them until it can no longer do so. Upon reaching an air-pocket, only a small fraction of the crew have survived.

The remainder of the expedition continues forward with Milo leading the way through his translating of the directions in the Shepherd’s Journal. Tricks are played upon him by other members of the crew until they finally take him in during a stop for rest. Milo comments that the Shepherd’s Journal may be missing a page, but the others get him to ease off the book for a moment. He comments that he is just so excited on being on such an adventure, though the others note their mainly in it for the money. After opening up about himself, Milo gets to hear about Sweet, Audrey, and Vinny, though is warned by Sweet not to learn about Mole’s story. As everyone sleeps, a figure that has been watching the expedition digs through Milo’s possession until it is run off by Milo awakening to use the bathroom. While he is unbuckling his belt, he points the flashlight at what appears to be a lamp. The light causes a wave of fireflies to attack the camp. Most survive the attack and try to escape into a cave, but the amount of weight of their vehicles cause the bridge to collapse.

Most everyone survive the collapse. Examination of their position finds them, according to Mole, placed in the bowels of a volcano that is dormant and will erupt if disturbed by a powerful enough force. Further examination finds that there is a possible escape route through what appears to be the top of the volcano when everyone realizes that Milo is missing. Milo awakens to find himself surrounded by strange figures until one of them pulls off its mask, revealing a human woman behind. She uses a crystal hanging around her neck to completely heal a cut on his shoulder before taking off. Milo follows with the expedition catching up and in the process they find themselves looking at Atlantis, alive and thriving. The figures, discovered to be Atlanteans return with Milo being able to communicate with them before they realize the Atlanteans can speak any language as theirs is the root source for all others. The woman, revealed to be Princess Kidagakash, agrees to take them to meet her father the King. Along the way, Helga expresses to Rourke hesitation about the mission since there are people alive. Rourke, on the other hand, feels it doesn’t change the objective of their mission.

Milo, Rourke, and Helga are brought before the blind King Kashekim by Kida. Only Milo is able to understand through the interaction between the father and daughter that outsiders are not welcome and would have originally been killed on sight. Kashekim then speaks English, recognizing why they’re really down there and tells them to leave. Rourke manages to talk him into letting the crew stay for one night so they can rest and resupply. After Milo, Rourke, and Helga leave, Kida and her father continue to argue with Kida believing the outsiders can help them rediscover their dying culture while Kashekim firmly states their way of life is being preserved. Meanwhile, the crew still wish to get some answers about what’s going on and what to do next. They decide to have Milo speak with Kida. Milo has no trouble talking to Kida as she ends up the one to engage in the conversation.

Milo and Kida start to get to know one another as well as understand where each came from. Kida tells of her witnessing the great flood, which shocks Milo since it makes her much older than she appears. Milo attempts to find out about the power source he is looking for, but gets sidetracked with another shock when it is realized that no one in Atlantis can read the written Atlantean language. Through Milo, he and Kida are able to figure out how to activate one of the Ketaks before they tour the city. The tour is really Kida leading Milo towards a deep pond underneath which a great number of written information is found. Milo and Kida swim around with Kida’s crystal providing light needed for Milo to read. Milo discovers that the power source he’s been looking for is the very crystal that took Kida’s mother and it is the reason Atlantis is still able to thrive alive. However, the location of the Heart of Atlantis is unknown and Milo suspects the missing page contains its whereabouts.

When Milo and Kida surface, they are surprised to find Rourke leading the rest of the expedition to begin a more forceful manner in finding the Heart of Atlantis, horrifying Milo that even Sweet, Audrey, and the others are in on it. Rourke reveals to have possession of the missing page and forces Milo to translate by pointing a gun at Kida after he initially refuses since the crystal is needed to keep Atlantis alive. They end up in the King’s chamber as the page notes that the Heart of Atlantis lies where the eyes of the King can see. Kashekim refuses to elaborate on the riddle, even after being punched and under threat of execution, much to the horror of the others. Just before pulling the trigger, Rourke is able to figure out the riddle that the middle of the room leads to the chamber containing the crystal. Rourke and Helga force Milo and Kida to join them as they descend into the chamber to find the Heart of Atlantis with stone effigies of the past kings orbiting it. While Rourke and Milo argue about how to retrieve the crystal, which is levitating in the air, the crystal calls to Kida and she is soon infused with the crystal. By warning of Milo, they do not touch her while Rourke’s men place her in a container.

Just before Rourke and the rest of the expedition make off, Milo makes another plea that their actions will kill the Atlanteans. Sweet, Audrey, Vinny, Mole, Cookie, and Packard decide to side with Milo, not wanting the death of innocent lives on their conscious. The pleas fall on deaf ears with Rourke, who destroys the wooden bridge to keep them from following. With the Heart of Atlantis no longer in the city to keep it powered, it places Atlantis and its civilians in danger. Milo meets with the dying King, who explains that the Heart of Atlantis calls upon one with royal blood to bond with to protect itself and the people, heaving developed a consciousness of its own. Because of his arrogance in ruling Atlantis with the crystal, it became too strong to control and it lead to the sinking of the city as well as his wife being sacrificed to save them. Before he dies, he notes that the crystal needs to be returned not only to save Atlantis, but to prevent Kida from being loss by bonding with the crystal for too long. After a encourage talk from Sweet, Milo directs everyone to a Ketak and how the crystals they posses still has enough power to activate them.

Rourke and his men blow a hole through the top of the volcano and attempt to fly out through a Gyro-Evac when Milo and the others arrive to stop them. During the battle, Vinny accidentally discovers how to discharge an energy bolt from the vehicles to counter the guns and firepower Rourke and his men possess. Milo and Vinny then distract Rourke and Helga while Sweet and Audrey try to release the container with Kida. Though Rourke and Helga drive off Sweet and Audrey, Milo crashes his Ketak into one of the balloons and causes it to slowly descend. Helga tries to lighten the load, but they are still dropping when Rourke decides to push her off. She manages to swing back on and kick him around for betraying her, but he catches her and throws her off for good. Milo and Rourke get into a scuffle with the balloon once again ascending, but a badly hurt Helga gets back at Rourke by firing a flare gun and destroying the main balloon, thereby causing it to descend permanently.

An enraged Rourke goes after Milo with an axe, during which he brakes a glass hole from the container. Milo notices one of the glass shards has elements of the crystal and uses it to cut Rourke when he holds him up by the neck. The cut causes elements of the crystal to mix into Rourke’s blood, turning him into crystal form. Nevertheless, he still attacks until a chance positioning causes Rourke to shatter after connecting with the still turning propellers of the hot air balloon. The act disconnects the container, though Milo has to move it fast to prevent the hot air balloon from crashing down upon it. The crash is enough force to cause the volcano to reawaken and Milo and the others quickly bring the container back to the city. Milo opens up the container and Kida and the Heart of the Atlantis ascend. They awaken giant stone guardians to create a force field to prevent lava from destroying the city. With the city saved, Kida is released from the crystal and into Milo’s arms.

The Atlanteans thank those who helped Milo save them, donning each of them with crystals and providing them with an acceptable pile of gold to return to the surface with. Milo is staying behind, as he and Kida have fallen in love and he is needed to help the Atlanteans rediscover their lost culture. Back on the surface, Whitmore debriefs Vinny, Sweet, Audrey, Mole, Cookie, and Packard into rehearsing a false story about them finding nothing as well as the made-up fates of Helga, Rourke, and Milo. While going through photos Packard took, Whitmore discovers a package for him containing a picture of Thaddeus and child Milo, a crystal, and a message thanking him on behalf of the Thatches for helping them realize their dream. Back in Atlantis, Milo completes the construction of a stone effigy of Kashekim to join the other past kings orbiting the Heart of Atlantis as it once again hovers above the newly restored city.


  • Michael J. Fox as Milo Thatch
  • Cree Summer as Kidagakash “Kida” Nedakh
  • James Garner as Commander Lyle Tiberius Rourke
  • Corey Burton as ​Gaetan “Mole” Moliére
  • Claudia Christian as Lieutenant Helga Sinclair
  • John Mahoney as Preston B. Whitmore
  • Phil Morris as Doctor Joshua Sweet
  • Leonard Nimoy as Kashekim Nedakh
  • Don Novello as Vincenzo “Vinny” Santorini
  • Jacqueline Obradors as Audrey Ramirez
  • Florence Stanley as Wilhelmina Packard
  • David Ogden Stiers as Fenton Q. Harcourt
  • Jim Varney as Jebidiah Allardyce “Cookie” Farnsworth
  • Frank Welker as Leviathan (a creature that guards the entrance to Atlantis)

My Rating3d-yellow-star3d-yellow-star3d-yellow-star3d-yellow-star 4 stars (out of 5 stars 🙂 )

Lessons (I learned):

Never stop fighting for what you believe in. Just look at Milo. As you can see in the beginning part of the movie, Milo was very determined to discover the lost empire of Atlantis. His mission is just a continuation of what his grandfather has already started. Even when other people think he’s crazy and nuts because they think Atlantis is non-existing, he still continues to carry on researching for more information to support his claim and to go an expedition to discover the said empire.

Do the right thing. Milo’s ‘friends’ weren’t that close to him and all they wanted was money. Audrey knew it was wrong to destroy the Atlantean civilization by taking away their only way of life so he decided to go on the side of Milo. Then, the rest of the team followed. Except Mr. Rourke and Helga. People get rewarded by good deeds. By the end of the story, we can see that the team except Mr. Rourke and Helga weren’t ‘rich’ because they did the bad thing. As a reward of the team saving Atlantis, they got rewarded by ‘some’ riches of the Atlanteans. Keep in mind to always do the right thing because you never know what you’ll get as a reward.

Keep going forward. No matter what happens, keep going forward. If there is a problem, face it. We can’t do anything to erase what had already happened. What we can only do is find a solution to that problem. If we don’t find a solution, then, we will be stuck trying to find one. Just try to be able to solve something. Don’t look back. Just live in the moment, as I like to always say. YOLO!

” When you hit the bottom, the only place to go is up. ”
– Thaddeus Thatch

References: http://disney.wikia.com/wiki/Atlantis:_The_Lost_Empire

‘Elle: A Modern Cinderella Tale’ Overview


Elle: A Modern Cinderella Tale Movie Poster


Title: Elle: A Modern Cinderella Tale

Movie Released on: 2010

Genre: Drama, Family, Fantasy, Teen film

Movie Duration: 1 hour and 30 mins. or 90 mins.

IMDb Rating: 4-star-review3 4.4 stars

Plot: Elle Daniels (Ashlee Hewitt) has dreamed of being a famous singer-songwriter for as long as she can remember. On the day of her audition for Berklee, the plane her parents are travelling in crashes. Crushed, Elle moves in with her uncle Allen (Thomas Calabro), who runs a small, independent record company called Spunn Records.

Allen offers Elle a job as an intern and even though this means supporting Spunn’s biggest act: a bubblegum pop trio called Sensation, led by the horrendous Stephanie (Katherine Bailess). Elle swallows her pride and tries to forget about her dreams. She becomes good friends with fellow intern Kit (Juliette Hing-Lee), and spends her days phoning radio stations and running errands.

But then Ty Parker (Sterling Knight), a famous pop singer extraordinaire, shows up at Spunn, saying that he needs something different, even if it means his fans shunning him. Allen agrees to set him up on a duet with Kandi Kane, a British pop star with “a million hits online” and Ty agrees to think about in search of something new and willing to take any risk it takes.

Elle, being convinced by Kit to start singing again, goes to the recording studio and sings “Love is with Me Now”, which Ty hears, and mistakes her for the British Kandi Kane, awestruck by her voice. Surprised and pleased, Elle plays along, leaving at midnight when she receives a text from uncle Allen. After discovering that she accidentally over recorded the Sensation single and feeling guilty for lying to Ty, Elle goes into hiding, donning stupid disguises.

Ty, who is all jumpy about signing Spunn, is also shocked to discover that Kandi is anything but blonde on an awkward meeting set up for the two by Allen, and leaves in a fit of rage, snapping at Allen that this time, it’s about what he really wants.

Ty is determined to find the girl he met with the help of TJ (Brandon Mychal Smith) but fails. Stephanie discovers that the song was Elle’s and Sensation team up with Kandi to show Elle her place. On Kit’s advice, Elle decides to give true love a shot, and with Kit’s would-be boyfriend Andy (Shawn Caulin-Young)’s help, she reveals herself through the song she performed in the studio. Ty hears her sing, and Elle is viciously insulted by Sensation and Kandi for being an obsessive fan. Instead of supporting them, Ty walks out and comforts the heartbroken Elle and they start dating. He also convinces her that her talent would never hurt her, and the death of her parents had nothing to do with her. Allen also tells Elle that he admired her parents very much and the song that she accidentally over-recorded was “beautiful.”

All seems to be well and Ty convinces Elle to audition for Berklee again. They write a song “Fairytale” together, until Kandi returns for her claim on the single and emotionally tortures Ty to leave Elle or she would sue everyone related to him. Ty calls her a horrible person, but agrees to break up with Elle anyway to protect her.

Heartbroken, Elle misunderstands everything, which causes Kit and Andy to carry out an investigation where they hear the receptionist calling Kandi “Miss Smirkle.” Although suspicious, Andy’s courage fails, but Kit kisses him for support and he mans up immediately.

Pretending to have a pastry delivery for her by the studio, Andy goes to Kandi, buying Kit time to break into the room, where she is shocked to unearth the fact that Kandi is in fact Brenda Smirkle, an average girl who is using Kandi’s identity and is anything but British.

After getting immense proof on tape, Kit reveals “Brenda’s” secret to Allen, who suggests that she leave before he calls the police. In the process, he also dumps Sensation, and Stephanie is revealed to be bald. Ty rushes to make Elle’s audition and arrives just as she is standing tongue-tied on the stage. He backs her up with a guitar and she blows the judges away by singing “Fairytale”. She is immediately accepted to Berklee and forgives Ty after the performance. Both of them share a long awaited, heart felt kiss, where Elle narrates that fairy tales do exist.

The film ends with colorful credits where “Happily Ever After” by Ashlee Hewitt plays in the background, indicating what happened to all the main characters. Elle graduated from Berklee, Ty’s album went triple Platinum, Brenda (aka Kandi) was pretending to be a different pop star, and Kit and Andy were happily together with their own detective agency.



My Rating:    3_5stars1 3.5 stars

Lesson I Learned: Don’t stop believing that your dreams can come true. If something happened bad to your first chance in fulfilling for your dreams, find another opportunity. Don’t give up and lose faith on your dreams. If you lose hope, find strength that can help you regain that optimism and hope that you lost.
You may fall on your first time but stand up again the next time. Never get tired of fulfilling you dreams.
Look at Elle. She lost that hope for sometime then she regained that hope and gave her dream a second chance. Find an inspiration and friends to help and support.
For example, you’re the friend. If your friend loses hope, make them believe that they can do what they want to do. That’s what exactly Kit did as a friend to Elle even if Elle doesn’t fully wan to continue that dream. Be a friend who cares and helps a friend in need and needs help and moral support.
Even if other people don’t like your dream and don’t support you, let them be. It’s your life. Forget the haters. They’re not gonna help. You can use them as inspiration that you can prove them wrong. To make them regret what they were saying about yo before.
Look at the positive side rather than the bad side of situations. Your not going anywhere when you go to the bad side. You can convert the negative effects to something helpful like what I said before.
Have faith and hope. Find an inspiration. Have friends and family to support you. Look on the positive side of the situation. Give your dream chances. Believe that you do it! “Anything is possible if you just believe!”

Where I watched: Elle: A Modern Cinderella Tale on YouTube


Wikipedia (Elle: A Modern Cinderella Story) (for the cast and plot)

Google (for the other pics 2-4 and stars)

IMDb (for the other pic 1 and poster)

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‘Hercules’ Overview


Hercules Movie Poster

Title: Hercules

Movie Released on: 1997

Genre: Fantasy, Comedy Music

Movie Duration: 1 hour, 33 mins. or 93 mins.

IMDb Rating: 7 star  7.2 stars

Plot: The film begins with the five muses “Goddesses of the arts and pro-claimers of heroes” telling the story of how Zeus came to power and prevented the monstrous Titans from ruling the world. This leads to the day Hercules is born to Zeus and Hera, much to the pleasure of the other gods except Hades, who receives word from the Fates that Hercules will one day rise to power and prevent him from taking control of the world. He sends his minions, Pain and Panic (a duo reminiscent of Ares’s mythological sons, Deimos (dread) and Phobos (fear)), to kidnap Hercules and feed him a potion that will strip him of his immortality; however, they are interrupted and, while Hercules becomes mortal, he retains his god-like strength (for the potion to fully work, Hercules had to drink every last drop, but missed one when they were interrupted).

Hercules grows up to be a misfit, challenged by his incredible strength and unable to fit in with other people. His adoptive parents finally tell him that he is adopted and they found a medal with his name on it when they found abandon on a road as a baby. Hercules then decides to travel to the temple of Zeus. Zeus comes down to Hercules and tells Hercules that he is his father and someone stole him from his parents (Hera and Zeus). Zeus tells him that he must prove himself a true hero before he can join the other gods on Mount Olympus. Along with his flying horse Pegasus, Hercules goes to Philoctetes, an unhappy satyr who has failed to train a true hero yet; he decides to take on Hercules as his final attempt.

After training with Phil, the three of them attempt to save the beautiful Megara, a damsel in distress, from a centaur named Nessus. A smitten Hercules barely succeeds and Meg returns to the forest, where she is revealed to have sold her soul to Hades in order to save her lover’s life; her lover abandoned her and now Meg must do favors for Hades in order to avoid an eternity in the underworld. When Hades learns that Hercules is alive, he is enraged and plots to murder him again.

When Hercules tries to prove himself a hero at Thebes, Hades sends the Hydra to kill him. Hercules tries to kill the Hydra by slicing off its heads, but more heads grow in their place. After a lengthy battle, he prevails by using his strength to cause a landslide. He soon becomes a national, multi-million-dollar celebrity as a result. Realizing that his plans are jeopardized, Hades sends Meg out to discover Hercules’ weakness, promising her freedom in return. Hercules is disappointed to learn from his father Zeus that he has yet to become a true hero, and then spends the time and day with Meg, who finds herself falling deeply romantically in love again. When Hades intervenes, she turns against him, as she accepts her recently surfaced deep and strong romantic feelings and love for Hercules, much to Hades’ dismay.

Phil learns of Meg’s involvement with Hades and, thinking she is willingly desires to work for him, tries to warn Hercules, who ignores Phil and knocks him to the ground in an outrage. Discouraged, Phil leaves for home. Unfortunately, through this, Hades realizes that Meg is ‘Hercules’ weakness. Hades arrives, interrupting Hercules’ training, talks a lot then snaps his fingers, making Meg appear. Before she can finish her sentence, Hades snaps his fingers and she disappears, tied up and gagged by smoke, then reappears with another snap of Hades fingers. He uses Meg to try to get Hercules to give up his God-like superhuman strength for twenty-four hours, though Hercules adds the condition that Meg doesn’t get hurt in any way. Meg shakes her head frantically, trying to convince Hercules not to make the deal, but he does not listen. When Hades sets Meg free, Hades spitefully reveals that she was working for him all along. Deeply heartbroken and crushed, the now-weakened Hercules loses the will to fight the Cyclops that Hades unleashes upon him. Meg finds and unties Pegasus and battles her fear of heights to find Phil, persuading him to come back and help Hercules regain his confidence. He finishes off the cyclops but just as a pillar is about to crush Hercules. Meg pushes him out of the way saving him because “people always do crazy things when they’re in love”.

As a result, the deal is broken and Hercules’ god-like superhuman strength is returned. Hercules, along with Pegasus and Phil, saves Olympus from certain doom and Hades returns to the underworld. Meanwhile, Meg dies of her injuries, her thread of life having been cut by the Fates. Hercules arrives and demands for Meg to be revived, but Hades shows him that she is currently trapped in the River Styx, a river of souls where all the dead go. Hades allows Hercules to trade his own spirit for Meg’s, hoping to return Meg’s body to the surface of the river before he is killed. Hercules jumps in and as his lifeline is about to be cut by the Fates, his amazing courage and willingness to ultimately sacrifice his life for others prove him a true hero, restoring all of his godly powers and rendering him immortal. As he successfully returns Meg to the surface, Hades tries to talk his way out of the situation. Hercules punches him, knocking him into the River Styx. The other souls grab Hades and pull him down into the stream. Hercules revives Meg and they both head to Olympus, but when Meg’s entrance is denied, Hercules chooses to become mortal and stay on Earth with her. Hercules is acclaimed a hero on both Earth and Olympus alike, Zeus creates a constellation in his image, and Phil is remembered for being the one to train him.


  • Tate Donovan as Hercules
  • Danny DeVito as Philoctetes (Phil)
  • James Woods as Hades
  • Susan Egan as Megara (Meg)
  • Rip Torn as Zeus
  • Samantha Eggar as Hera
  • Bobcath Goldthwait as Pain
  • Matt Frewer as Panic
  • Josh Keaton as Young Hercules
  • Roger Bart as Young Hercules (during singing)
  • Jim Cummings as Nessus
  • Paul Shaffer as Hermes
  • Hal Holbrook as Amphtryon
  • Barbara Barrie as Alcmene
  • Amanda Plummer as Clotho
  • Carole Shelley as Lachesis
  • Paddi Edwards as Atropos
  • Keith David as Apollo
  • Lillias White as Calliope, Muse of Epics
  • Cheryl Freeman as Melpomene, Muse of Tragedy
  • Roz Ryan as Thalia, Muse of Comedy
  • Vaneese Thomas as Clio, Muse of History
  • LaChanze as Terpsichore, Muse of Dance
  • Wayne Knightas Demetrius, the Pottery Salesman
  • Patrick Pinney as the Cyclops
  • Charlton Heston as the Narrator

My Rating: 4-star-review3 4 stars

Lessons I Learned: You need to work hard for your dreams. You can’t just wait for your dreams to come true. You’ll be wasting the time you can use in fulfilling that dream. For your dream, you’re willing to do almost anything just to make it come true. 

When you are prepared, find people that’ll help you and ‘chances’. Opportunities that’ll surely help in fufilling that dream of yours. Give chances to others. Make them live their dream. Give them a ‘chance’. But when you get that chance, don’t get boastful and take pride over. Be humble whatever happens. 

Don’t trick or fool others. Just tell them the truth so they’ll know right away. If it has a punishment, you have to accept it. YOU were the one who tricked others, right?

Make up for your sins. But not ‘that’ severe and grave. Make it simple. Even simple things make people forgive. But sometimes, not a simple sorry could help you be forgiven.

Believe in yourself. Believe that you can achieve what you want to achieve. Always have hope in everything that you do. Always think positive. Always believe that you can do it. Follow your dreams. Don’t stop believing!

Where I watched: DVD

Other pics:


Disney Wiki (Hercules) (for the cast, plot, poster, other pics 1-3)

Google (for the stars, movie release, movie duration and genre)

IMDb (for the IMDb rating and other pics 5-11)

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Other Links:

= Hercules on YouTube

👭 ‘Mean Girls’ Overview 👭


Mean Girls Movie Poster

Title: Mean Girls

Movie Released on: 2004

Genre: Comedy, Teen film

Movie Duration: 1 hour, 37 mins or  97 mins.

IMDb Rating: 7 star 7.0 stars

Plot: Cady Heron is a 16-year-old homeschooled daughter of zoologist parents. They have returned to the United States after a 12-year research trip in Africa, settling in Evanston, Illinois and having Cady attend public school for the first time. New classmates Janis and Damian warn Cady to avoid the school’s most exclusive clique, “The Plastics”, who are led by queen bee Regina George, the wealthiest and most beautiful girl in school. The Plastics take an interest in Cady, however, and invite her to sit with them at lunch. Seeing that Cady is slowly becoming one of The Plastics, Janis hatches a plan of revenge against Regina, using Cady as the infiltrator.

Cady soon learns about Regina’s “Burn Book”, a large notebook filled with cruel rumors, secrets, and gossip about the other girls and some teachers. Cady also falls in love with Regina’s ex-boyfriend, Aaron Samuels, whom a jealous Regina steals back at a Halloween party. Cady continues with Janis’s plan to cut off Regina’s “resources”, which involve separating her from Aaron, tricking her into eating nutrition bars that make her gain weight, and turning Regina’s fellow Plastics – insecure rich girl Gretchen Wieners and sweet but ditzy Karen Smith – against her. In the process, Cady unwittingly remakes herself in Regina’s image, becoming spiteful and superficial and abandoning Janis and Damian.

Cady hosts a party at her own house one weekend while her parents are away. The party is supposed to be a small get-together, but a large number of people show up. While waiting for Aaron, Cady drinks too much punch. When she finally finds him, she explains that she was failing math on purpose, just so she could have an excuse to talk to him. This angers Aaron, who tells Cady she’s no better than Regina. The drunk Cady vomits on Aaron. While Cady chases after an infuriated Aaron, Janis and Damian, who are upset that Cady lied to them about not being able to attend Janis’s art show that night, show up. Cady tries to explain her motives, but Janis says that Cady has become worse than the Plastics by hiding a spiteful personality behind her cute and innocent façade.

When Regina learns of Cady’s treachery, she responds by spreading around the contents of her Burn Book, inciting a riot. To avoid suspicion, Regina inserts a fake libel of herself into the book in order to blame the only female students not mentioned in the book, The Plastics. Principal Ron Duvall soon quells the riot, and ends up sending all the girls in the school to gather in the gymnasium. Math teacher Sharon Norbury, whom the Burn Book slandered as a drug dealer, makes the girls mentioned in the book confess to spreading the rumors in the Burn Book and apologize to the other students and teachers. When Janis’s turn comes, she confesses her plan to destroy Regina with Cady’s help and openly mocks Regina with the support of the entire school. Pursued by an apologetic Cady, Regina storms out and gets hit by a school bus, breaking her spine.

Without any friends, shunned by Aaron, and distrusted by everyone, Cady takes full blame for the Burn Book. Her guilt soon dissolves and she returns to her old humble personality. As part of her punishment for lying and failing Norbury’s class, she joins the Mathletes in their competition. There, while competing against an unattractive girl, Cady realizes that mocking the girl’s appearance or putting her down would not stop the girl from beating her. She then realizes that the best thing to do is to just solve the problem in front of you and ends up winning the competition after her opponent answers incorrectly. At the Spring Fling dance, Cady is elected Queen, but declares that all her classmates are wonderful in their own way, whereupon she breaks her plastic tiara and distributes the pieces. Cady makes amends with Janis and Damian, reconciles with Aaron, and reaches a truce with the Plastics.

By the start of the new school year, the Plastics have disbanded. Regina sheds her stuck up personality and joins the lacrosse team, Karen becomes the school weather reporter, and Gretchen joins the “Cool Asians.” Aaron graduates from high school and attends Northwestern University, Janis and Kevin Gnapoor start dating, and Cady declares that she has matured and is now herself. Regina walks past Cady and smiles, showing that they made peace with each other. Damian witnesses the new group of “Junior Plastics” walking by, but they are suddenly hit by a bus. It turns out, however, that this was only a humorous figment of Cady’s imagination.


Reference: Queen Bees and Wannabees by Rosalind Wiseman (a reference in a large part but not the ‘whole reference’ of the movie)

My Rating: 5 Star Rating   5 stars

Lessons I learned: Judging won’t help in a situation. If you try to solve the problem, then you would probably find the answer. Just tell the truth even if it hurts. There’s the truth that hurts and lies that hurt but aren’t true. If you’re going to lie, make sure it doesn’t offend others’ feelings. If you know it does, don’t lie anymore. Don’t bully others just for fun. People’s emotions are a big deal. If it becomes hurt, it may take forever to heal and something bad might happen bad to the person so don’t bully. If you bully, it’ll just get worse. You may get punished for bullying. Don’t always trust anyone easily especially if it’s someone new. Make sure you really know them inside and out before you become their ‘friend’. Be true to yourself and others. Don’t be fake. Keep it real. One reminder: DON’T BE PLASTIC!

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~ Regina George’s Mansion is being sold for 14.8 billion. Other info here!

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