I’m back.

🎈 03 | 13 | 18 🎈

How long was it that I was out from this blog? Almost two years, on March 24, I would be declared as officially out from my blog. Two years is already long enough.

I just wanted to check on this tiny bit of my youth. Simply reminiscing on my “past” life. It might be part of me again. If I want it to. Maybe I will.

I recently came back to Goodreads. Which I have been also out for God knows how long. But I’ve come back and that’s what’s important.

That’s all and I, thank you!

~ Ally 🍑

☧ Maundy Thursday 2016 ☧

03 / 24 / 16
Happy Maundy (or Holy, whichever is more appropriate) Thursday, everyone! I know, why use ‘happy’ when it
says ‘maundy.’ Let’s just say, Maundy Thursday, everyone!
Morning was okay, at least. Otep was here. The only problem was when he was ‘playing’ with us, he got himself and us in a little trouble. He was getting the bottle of our ‘chewable’ vitamins for Vit. C. He got his tiny head bumped into our bench (which was wood) and he got a little bruise which had a bit blood showing but wasn’t really bleeding. That’s a relief. All the little boy needed was marshmallows to make his mood lighter. At least, he isn’t angry at us. Sorry, Otep! 🙂
In the afternoon, we went out to have ‘Visita Iglesia’ which is an act done during the Holy Week wherein we go to  (probably) 7 churches and pray to each one. We went up, instead of down. A different route than before and last year. So I thought, ‘road trip.’
The first church we went was a bit old. There wasn’t really many people. Only the choir, and the people fixing the church. After what seemed like 10 minutes, we were off to a new one. Going farther.
Before we went to the second one, we stopped for a shop that had displays outside of wood carvings and stuff. Being the curious people our parents are, the went to check them out. But it turns out, they didn’t have anything back with them. On the road again, I noticed we had reached the barrier from our current province to the next one. So excited that I had been partially going the province where my ‘close’ friend lives before she moved in. The province of Sorsogon.
When reached the second and finished praying, we check the ‘marriage bulletin board.’ The people getting married are either having a big age gap or really young. The young age was 19 years old. But I won’t judge. If you really love the person, you are ready to face life with him/her until you die.
The third one was similar with the first one which was almost empty, too. What is up with churches and being empty inside? I just don’t get them. Anyway, this is the farthest church yet for today. We went back after this one.
The way back, we stopped for another similar shop which was also selling woodworks. While waiting for my ‘curious’ parents, we saw a boy that somewhat looked similar to a person in ‘showbiz’ that looks like him. He is even liked by girls and he isn’t really that handsome. He is funny bu not handsome. Anything but handsome. He is ‘Fafa Marlou.’ Peace, love, no hate! I even took a picture. XD Hahaha.
Before going to another church, we went to go for snacks. We found this ‘boat-like’ building and checked it out. It was a snack house. Like what I said, we got our snacks. It was awesome to see some books on that boat. It was awesome! Loved it! 😀
The fourth one we went to was the last one today. Yeah, I said, 7 churches but I didn’t say to do it in one day but you could. When we went to this one, there was a mass so better than to finish it. When it was finished, it was already about 6 p.m. so we’ll finish it tomorrow. This one wasn’t a church, it was a seminary.
The fourth one was very different. It was a seminary. I saw an actual ‘washing of the feet’ and they were transferring the ‘host’ or ‘the Holy Eucharist’ into a ‘container.’ The priest was a bit different, too. He uses ‘f’ instead of ‘p’ so when he says ‘sakripisyo’, he says ‘sakrifisyo.’ ‘Sakripisyo’ means ‘sacrifice’, if you didn’t know (even though it was a bit obvious.) They use a different instrument instead of a bell. It looks like a chopping board but when you turn it around and shake it, it makes a sound. I saw what it looks like when they were transferring the Holy Eucharist. Speaking of, when the priest was done with the prayer, we were left there. He didn’t even conclude which was weird and we were stuck thinking of what to do next. Some had the initiative to leave like us and it was getting late.
Well, that for this year’s Maundy Thursday. It was awesome and fun especially with the ‘road trip’ and new places even though it wasn’t finished. Tomorrow, we’ll probably finish it. That’s all for today. Have a blessed Holy Week everyone.
Only 1 month and 3 days before our anniversary! 😀 Can’t wait! By the way, the sign on the title is called ‘pax.’ —> ☧ <—- ☧ax = I saw some today so why not make it in the title. 🙂

👽 Aliens are Invading … 👽

03  / 21 / 2016

Last 3 days before Maundy Thursday. I completely forgot that it was Palm Sunday yesterday. Once I saw the palm leaves when we got down, I remembered that it was Palm Sunday – which marks the start of the Holy Week.

Any way…My day started black. Literally. I mean black because when I woke up, there was a brownout happening. I woke up in about 4:40 a.m. I didn’t really felt like sleeping again so I just read a story from my phone (which was given to me by my aunt.)

When I took a bath, it was cold. When I mean cold, I mean COLD. The start of my day sucked. The water was cold so I had to get a hand of water and spread it to a part of my body. The next thing that sucked was when my towel fell when I was wiping my body. It got soaked bad.

After our break (or recess), we were gonna vote for the PSYSC officers for the next school year (SY 2016-2017). It was hard to encourage everyone to truly participate but the result was fine. You can’t blame them because it was hot and they lacked resources. I didn’t really expect for us have these meetings because I thought it was gonna be held tomorrow.

In the afternoon, we did the same thing but with our own clubs. We didn’t find the first club we had so we went to another club that was being held in our classroom. It was packed, not that packed but packed. Cheska and Hannah got elected for officers, Hannah being Gr. 8 rep. and Cheska being the treasurer.

The second club was a writing club. But it was partnered with a photography club. What did you expect. 😉 It’s for the school publication. Now you’re thinking, hey, you’re in a club that has a connection to the school’s publication, you should be good in writing. Well, now that you mentioned it, I’m not really good (I’m being honest, not humble.)

The photography club voted for their next school year officers. Us, we just discussed the activities held that has something to do with writing. When the photography club was voting their officers, they weren’t that serious so they had a bit of a hard time to have their officers. That was when I had an idea. I will make a ‘thought’ post concerning ‘voting officers. But it’s just a thought.

We went home and I felt sick because my throat is aching. I didn’t even notice that when we were at home, I was already on the bed. When I woke up, I saw Daddy using a laptop. I thought it was mine but be careful to judge. I felt humiliated because I forgot my little brother had his own laptop now – as a graduation gift. He still uses the old laptop though. That just seems to show that ‘old habits never die.’

My classmate and I had a bit of a fun time today. We imagined that there were aliens in the school and she was an ‘alien hunter.’ I, on the other hand, am her partner that is human. She says that her ‘weapon’ is her cellphone and when there is an alien, it doesn’t see it. A lot of our classmates said ‘no’ and I don’t know why. Me and my classmate were LOAO (instead of ‘my, it’s ‘our’).

I was sore so I judged too quickly. I felt like I was drunk and I had a sore throat. I don’t even know if I’m going to school tomorrow. Maybe. Still. They still check attendance though. Bummer.

When I was eating ‘dinner’ (maybe on 8:30 p.m.), Ate Mic said that they went to our (auntie or) neighbor’s house because I think someone had a birthday. I was left here sleeping my way.

Anyway, that’s all. I don’t even remember when I posted this long of a journal post. Probably when it was my first day of high school. I tell you, guys when I’m gonna make the ’thought post on voting officers’ and election’s coming up on May. Any way guys, have a great summer. 😀 (But ours haven’t started yet. Just yet. J )

🎓 (Thoughts) on Graduation 🎓

* This’ll be a entry for March 19, 2016 because it could be a similar entry so better not duplicate it. I hope you enjoy! *

This month or next month is the time of the year where most students graduate and finish a chapter a life of theirs but for others, it’s where a new chapter begins.

I thought about this before but just made it today. As you can see, my youngest brother’s graduation day is today. This day is where he ends his life in being an elementary student but starts his life as a high school newbie.

Not to brag but he got highest honors and is an outstanding member in the Young Amorsolo club in his ‘previous’ school.

Going back to my thoughts. During any graduation event, we usually hold a ‘celebration’ where almost everyone in neighboring house (beside us) comes. Being the shy people that we (me and my brothers) are, we stay inside corresponding rooms for almost the whole time. That’s what usually happens when we hold an event. The main reason is why there are a lot of people.

Another thing about graduation is having a ‘makeover.’ Boys don’t really have an issue on this. But since I am a girl, my appearance is a big factor to me. I don’t dress or look like a girl at all. I’m not saying that I have boy cut or anything. I just don’t like putting make-up on my ugly face. I’m never really confident with my appearance. I’m chubby (or fat, that’s what I think of myself tho) and always have a ponytail. But my graduation last year was an exception. I never really enjoyed my graduation because I (was forced to) wore make-up. Because of the make-up, I was annoyed and that’s the reason why I didn’t like my graduation.

Last thing about graduation is that we get a bit of money. It represents as their ‘congratulation gift’ to the person who graduated.

Congratulations to those who are celebrating their graduation today, or this or next month or any time near. 🙂

Btw guys, only 1 month, 1 week, and 1 day before the anniversary of the Swiftie Blog! 😀


“The aim of education is the knowledge, not of facts, but of values.”

                                 — William S. Burroughs

🐣 Birdie, Birdie … 🐣

03 / 14 / 16

We (in HS students in our school) don’t have classes today because the peeps are deliberating for those peeps who are witty enough to be in the ‘honor list.’ My mother decide to go out and find me a new pair of black shoes for school even though it’ll just be about 2 weeks before end of classes. My shoes at the moment have a hole and the hook is broken but overall, it still could be used. We also bought the remaining stuff for the donation thing the Church held for this Lenten season.

While we were going down the 3rd floor, I saw a classmate of mine, Migui. I heard someone say my name but I decide to ignore first. But then, Mama told me someone was calling me. I was done for! I was forced to face him. Okay, this couldn’t be more awkward. You know those moments when you’re shy to see classmates or teachers out of school, I felt it at that time. I almost fell though. Good thing, I was able to keep my balance. My heart was racing when we went down by the escalator. He was with Ian, which I happen to know but he doesn’t know me.

Moving forward…By the way, I got 2 classic books. These are ‘The Picture of Dorian Gray‘ and ‘Robinson Crusoe‘ specifically. 🙂 I missed reading classics though. I love classics after fiction. 😀 Currently, I am continuing reading the classic, ‘The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.’ It is in paper form but the ‘After’ series is in digital form. (Just to let ya’ll know.) 🙂

This morning by the way, we had ‘adopted’ a bird that was astray in our plot of land. We decided to give it a home. Our home. I hope it feels welcome. It has been a while since we had a bird. 😦 At first, it was hard to feed it. By time, it gave in because it really doesn’t have a choice. The bird is tiny though and it seems like a young one that has been separated from its family. Sad life but he (or she) is in our custody now. By the way, we named it ‘Rody.’ Thinking of the name just reminds me of Rudy in ‘The Book Thief.’

Last thing, I almost forgot. I am now neutral in the field of anime. I said before that it is ugly and it sucks. But now, I take it back. After I watched 2 seasons, which had 24 episodes in total, of Tokyo Ghoul, I now liked ‘some’ of it. Once I finish something, I research more about it. Probably download pictures and some videos related to it. Especially when there is a ‘love team’ in the series, I get very serious in watching. Once I ship a love team, I stick to it. 😀 It may have a lot of bloodshed but it has a wonderful story behind it. I recommend it especially to those who like those types and to the anime lovers as well.

Well, that’s probably for all for today. Until again…

✒ Poem Writing ✒

03 / 10 / 16

Didn’t post yesterday, sorry.

Moving on. I have different reasons on why I am satisfied with my day: (because I’m too lazy to think 😉 )

  1. I got a perfect score on the activity last time in Math which was checked today. 🙂
  2. The grade I got in my notebook for ESP is 93 (which was 89 before). 😀
  3. 95 is my grade for the notebook in TLE. 🙂
  4. I got a grade of 94 in Science. 😀
  5. I can add some games to my old, annoying phone. At least, it isn’t that lame. 🙂
  6. The activity in Filipino (on making a mascot) is finally done. 😀
  7. Election of SCC Officers for S.Y. 2016-2017 is tomorrow. 🙂
  8. Tomorrow is Friday. 😀 😀 😀

Oh yeah, we were instructed to do a poem about our grade 7 life. I’ll show you guys what my output is. It’s lame and boring, trust me.


Disclaimer: I am not in any way, a professional writer; I’m just a student. This is just the draft form so this isn’t the final copy. I made some changes though. Please don’t judge me. Thank you! 🙂 Enjoy!


” High School Opening “

by: Yours Truly

A student’s days of being elementary

Will be long gone but left as a happy memory.

As a new chapter begins to unfold,

This is where his future starts to mold.

Learning new things everyday

We write; we read and even, play.

Where books and teachers come to lend a hand

To teach us lessons; some are simple; some are grand.

One will meet new pals and friends

Even how late it is, the conversation extends

A lot of events where you can begin with

Everyone helps, shares, and gives.

Grade seven life is extraordinary

A lot where you think but aren’t imaginary.

It will be one we’ll never forget

A grade level we won’t regret.

🎉 Cultural Show, Finally Over! 🎉

03 / 07 / 2015

OMG! Today, it finally happened. What happened if you might ask. Today, we (me and my classmates) faced the probably most challenge we faced as a class and bits of our grade depends on it. We have presented our ‘cultural show’ showing some of the different countries in Asia.

I was nervous at first but it just slipped out of my mind so I could say I enjoyed a bit of the cultural show. I am happy because of the fact that we don’ t have any more problems to face. Our final exams are done. The cultural show is finished. The only thing that I am scared for is the possible scores I could have for some of the hard exams like Math and Science. Dang! Who thought Science could be harder this quarter.

Tomorrow’ll be another day. Peace out, guys! Sorry for making you wait about 3 weeks. 😦