🎓 (Thoughts) on Graduation 🎓

* This’ll be a entry for March 19, 2016 because it could be a similar entry so better not duplicate it. I hope you enjoy! *

This month or next month is the time of the year where most students graduate and finish a chapter a life of theirs but for others, it’s where a new chapter begins.

I thought about this before but just made it today. As you can see, my youngest brother’s graduation day is today. This day is where he ends his life in being an elementary student but starts his life as a high school newbie.

Not to brag but he got highest honors and is an outstanding member in the Young Amorsolo club in his ‘previous’ school.

Going back to my thoughts. During any graduation event, we usually hold a ‘celebration’ where almost everyone in neighboring house (beside us) comes. Being the shy people that we (me and my brothers) are, we stay inside corresponding rooms for almost the whole time. That’s what usually happens when we hold an event. The main reason is why there are a lot of people.

Another thing about graduation is having a ‘makeover.’ Boys don’t really have an issue on this. But since I am a girl, my appearance is a big factor to me. I don’t dress or look like a girl at all. I’m not saying that I have boy cut or anything. I just don’t like putting make-up on my ugly face. I’m never really confident with my appearance. I’m chubby (or fat, that’s what I think of myself tho) and always have a ponytail. But my graduation last year was an exception. I never really enjoyed my graduation because I (was forced to) wore make-up. Because of the make-up, I was annoyed and that’s the reason why I didn’t like my graduation.

Last thing about graduation is that we get a bit of money. It represents as their ‘congratulation gift’ to the person who graduated.

Congratulations to those who are celebrating their graduation today, or this or next month or any time near. 🙂

Btw guys, only 1 month, 1 week, and 1 day before the anniversary of the Swiftie Blog! 😀


“The aim of education is the knowledge, not of facts, but of values.”

                                 — William S. Burroughs

🔤 On Surnames 🔤

I never really cared for my surname but it is used improperly, I’m not gonna like it in any way possible.

My surname isn’t very common and I may consider it ‘exotic’ and different among common others that I’ve heard.

On March 9, 2016, two classmates of mine had used my surname in a ‘funny’ way, or so they thought. I was annoyed at the one who made the joke but he blamed the one who didn’t really made the joke. He probably didn’t notice. It was his fault, I think he didn’t see that. I am happy at thought that he reached out (the blamed one) and asked for my forgiveness. The blamed one was the one who was starting jokes but he didn’t make the joke about my surname. How nice of him.

I am a serious person when it comes to people using my surname for a different purpose. I hate it when people joke around using my surname because I know the ‘joke’ that’ll come out of their ‘dirty’ mouths (or at least I consider their mouths that). I just don’t ‘laugh it off”. The fact that I know what the ‘joke’ is, makes me more ‘furious’. I just get pissed at that thought.

So people, please don’t go anywhere, just joking around using other people’s surnames. Please given a little respect because it’s their family name. On my part, it breaks my heart and annoys me at the same time.

Thank you for listening at another ‘thought’ of mine. Please bear in mind the lesson of this ‘thought’. 🙂

💪 On Taking Risks 💪

Honestly, I just thought about this in the bathroom about 3 hours ago.

I am not such a brave person myself. I don’t really like standing up in front of a crowd. The only exception is if I feel comfortable around them but that barely happens. There’s this part of me that is afraid around people especially if they want me to do something. That’s the reason why I don’t volunteer when reporting or when doing a performance (which I hate especially when required.)

I want to do a lot of things and change some things. I’m just afraid that people won’t like me if I have these ‘changes’. Change is good. Change is bad. I don’t know what to believe. Why couldn’t change be 50% good and 50% bad? There’s advantages and disadvantages in everything and I mean EVERYTHING.

Trying is nice and it could do you good. That is why I am discussing this ‘topic’. I want to change things. For example, in my physical appearance but I am not open to criticisms. That’s just the way it is. The world isn’t complete without them. But they could be reduced. One step at a time.

One step at a time. That’s how we should deal with changes. I hope I helped people with this ‘inspirational’ speech (I think).

Here’s a song that tells you to stand out. Because the title of the song is literally ‘Stand Out’. It is made by Sabrina Carpenter. and it has lyrics so you can sing along. 😉