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Hey guys! Lemme tell something more ’bout me. I’m a girl, 12 years of age. I’m just some ordinary girl. I like to read books especially fiction books so I’m a bookworm. I’m a clasher and Pokéfan. Swiftie Forever! Filipina – Proud to be Filipino!

I’m just making this blog to share my thoughts. Maybe I’m making it as my hobby and a daily habit. I just hope you can understand and learn something from my posts. Just enjoy these posts and listen to a story in a life of an ordinary girl in words.

Actually, it’s my first time making a site. Well, not really ‘the first time’. I made some but turned out not that successful. I’ll this one the that I can. I hope you enjoy! 

It’s just a simple blog, operated by a simple girl but I hope you have extraordinary thoughts about my posts.

Well, that’s all. Good day everyone! Have a nice day! Welcome once again!

Love ,


Love from Tay! ♥


     Owner of Swiftie Blog

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