👽 Aliens are Invading … 👽

03  / 21 / 2016

Last 3 days before Maundy Thursday. I completely forgot that it was Palm Sunday yesterday. Once I saw the palm leaves when we got down, I remembered that it was Palm Sunday – which marks the start of the Holy Week.

Any way…My day started black. Literally. I mean black because when I woke up, there was a brownout happening. I woke up in about 4:40 a.m. I didn’t really felt like sleeping again so I just read a story from my phone (which was given to me by my aunt.)

When I took a bath, it was cold. When I mean cold, I mean COLD. The start of my day sucked. The water was cold so I had to get a hand of water and spread it to a part of my body. The next thing that sucked was when my towel fell when I was wiping my body. It got soaked bad.

After our break (or recess), we were gonna vote for the PSYSC officers for the next school year (SY 2016-2017). It was hard to encourage everyone to truly participate but the result was fine. You can’t blame them because it was hot and they lacked resources. I didn’t really expect for us have these meetings because I thought it was gonna be held tomorrow.

In the afternoon, we did the same thing but with our own clubs. We didn’t find the first club we had so we went to another club that was being held in our classroom. It was packed, not that packed but packed. Cheska and Hannah got elected for officers, Hannah being Gr. 8 rep. and Cheska being the treasurer.

The second club was a writing club. But it was partnered with a photography club. What did you expect. 😉 It’s for the school publication. Now you’re thinking, hey, you’re in a club that has a connection to the school’s publication, you should be good in writing. Well, now that you mentioned it, I’m not really good (I’m being honest, not humble.)

The photography club voted for their next school year officers. Us, we just discussed the activities held that has something to do with writing. When the photography club was voting their officers, they weren’t that serious so they had a bit of a hard time to have their officers. That was when I had an idea. I will make a ‘thought’ post concerning ‘voting officers. But it’s just a thought.

We went home and I felt sick because my throat is aching. I didn’t even notice that when we were at home, I was already on the bed. When I woke up, I saw Daddy using a laptop. I thought it was mine but be careful to judge. I felt humiliated because I forgot my little brother had his own laptop now – as a graduation gift. He still uses the old laptop though. That just seems to show that ‘old habits never die.’

My classmate and I had a bit of a fun time today. We imagined that there were aliens in the school and she was an ‘alien hunter.’ I, on the other hand, am her partner that is human. She says that her ‘weapon’ is her cellphone and when there is an alien, it doesn’t see it. A lot of our classmates said ‘no’ and I don’t know why. Me and my classmate were LOAO (instead of ‘my, it’s ‘our’).

I was sore so I judged too quickly. I felt like I was drunk and I had a sore throat. I don’t even know if I’m going to school tomorrow. Maybe. Still. They still check attendance though. Bummer.

When I was eating ‘dinner’ (maybe on 8:30 p.m.), Ate Mic said that they went to our (auntie or) neighbor’s house because I think someone had a birthday. I was left here sleeping my way.

Anyway, that’s all. I don’t even remember when I posted this long of a journal post. Probably when it was my first day of high school. I tell you, guys when I’m gonna make the ’thought post on voting officers’ and election’s coming up on May. Any way guys, have a great summer. 😀 (But ours haven’t started yet. Just yet. J )