Practice for the Cultural Show

2 / 13 / 2016

We went to Anina’s house for the practice of our cultural show in AP. I  survived there. Whew!

On Monday’s the day madam Guillermo decides if our program is fit for a project and if it is we are exempted in our final exams for the subject. If we don’t us, as a class, won’t be exempted for the quiz.

At first, we had a hard time to practice because everyone wasn’t that serious enough. When it was our time to show what we’ve got, we had a not-so-good comment. We needed to REALLY focus right now. They made me feel that we might be the reason to have the finals. I just hope not. Madam has high standards, especially we are the star section of the grade level. We SHOULD be the best.

I just hope madam will accept what we have to offer. So probably next time when we practice, we should REALLY focus on practicing so we  could show the play neatly. What madam really wants is not the ordinary ‘song and dance’ program. She expects us to have plays. But we can’t even make the play, what if even the other groups. We just got a story that could show a lesson and made-up actions. She most not expect that high from us, we’re humans, too with limits.

I just wanted to share this with you, guys! By the way, this may just be the continuation of the first part.

Our hearts are connected. Love you, guys! 💞💞💞