What is Swiftmas?!

Taylor Swift is REALLY the BEST celeb!!! 😍😍😍😍

Too bad she doesn’t do it in the Philippines. 😔

Taylor Swift Marketing

Okay, so I’ve already covered some amazing Taylor Swift marketing techniques but this might be one of the most talked about among all.

During Christmas time she decided to grace her fans with yet another epic surprise.

Taylor Swift graced the social media sites with a simple Santa Clause emoji and everyone wanted to know why?!?!?!!!!

After one of the chosen fans received one of the mysterious Santa Clause emoji’s they recieved a massive FEDEX box at their doorstep. They each got a letter written by Taylor swift and little gifts personalized for each fan.

Taylor even delivered some of the gifts herself! She actually went to some of their door steps to drop off the gift and spend a little time with them.

A video showing some of the footage was shared through Taylor Swift’s youtube channel and it reached 1million views within the first week of it’s release…

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Taylor Swift’s HIDDEN Messages | 1989

Hidden Messages on Tay’s 1989 album 😉

Taylor Swift Marketing

So we already know that Taylor Swift was able to sell 1.2 Million copies of her 1989 album the first week of it’s release. And I’ve already written about a lot of marketing techniques that she used for this new album but what is one thing that Taylor has kept consistent since her 1st album?!?!


If you aren’t much of a Taylor Swift fan you may not know that in her lyric book (the booklet that comes with the CD that you purchase) she always has a secret message within her songs. Pretty much the way it works is you go through the lyrics and you look for the lower cased letters within the words. Each song will give you a secret message that will give a little hint as to who or what she’s referring to with her lyrics.


Most people rush to…

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