⚠️ Frequent Brownouts ⚠️

Another bad start to my day just like yesterday. Today, there had been 4 brownouts that already happened. And it’s driving me crazy. (Not literally.) 😲APEC has a BIG problem and they have to solve it. It’s like already forever ever since brownouts had stopped. And that only happens at sometimes. I hope they resolve this problem cuz this might become a root to something bigger.

Last night, Aljo and me were playing the Logo Quiz on the Blackberry. We had reached about maybe 11 till Daddy convinced us to sleep. I tried to sleep so does Aljo. Problem was we couldn’t sleep yet. But slowly, Aljo was falling asleep. I was still awake. I even experienced a brownout. 

The first brownout happened when I was trying sleep. It was already about 12 sonce I slept. I couldn’t help staying awake. I had a fan with me so I fanned to get myself some air. It wa about 12:30 when the electricity went back again and now I was satisfied.

Next was when it was about 4 in the morning. At first, Daddy nor Aljo noticed the brownout cuz they were sleeping, obviously. Who wakes up eveyday at 4 a.m. I don’t. I usually wake up at 5 at school days. But school hasn’t started yet. 😉 Going back. After a few minutes, Daddy had woke up and transfered to the living room cuz there was more air there and it was getting hot in the room. He hadn’t noticed me just yet. But he came back and moticed me by then. I joined him cuz I was gonna drink water. Then, I stayed on the couch but I didn’t sleep. I brought the iPhone with me so I played. More minutes came and Aljo was the next who had woke up. He touched my hair and I thought I was having a nightmare or something. But hopefully not. 😄 Thank God! 😊 Then came out Nico from the room. He ‘invited’ Mama out for light. Next came along Ate Mec. The whole ‘gang’ was out. When we took breakfast, the electricity wasn’t there yet. I went back to the master’s bedroom to read a book for my spare time. While reading, the electricity came back.

Mama had a shower cuz she was going to but Aljo’s books for this SY. She said that we should already take a shower cuz the electricity goes on and off. But didn’t take that advice. The next was about 2 hours later. I was doing an ‘activity’ when suddenly another brownout came about again. I was almost getting it when suddenly … Pshut! The electricity broke down again! 😔 Why is life so unfair? Let’s just face it. Good thing, Google Chrome can restore the tabs I was using. Bad thing is I have to start over again when the electricity comes back.

And it did, 15 mins. later. I decided not to turn on the computer cuz another brownout might happen, you never know.

Just like I said, another brownout might happen and it did. It really did. 25 after mins. after. i decided to sleep but I noticed it was only 2 hours before Oh My G! starts and I haven’t watched yesterday so I decided not to take a nap. I might oversleep and miss Oh My G! and lunch. I didn’t sleep but Aljo did. While Aljo was sleeping, the electricity was back again after 15 mins. I’m not so sure on doing the ‘activity’ now cuz anytime a brownout might hit again so better not. Maybe later when I can assure myself that there’ll be nothing that can disturb me.

I just hope it doesn’t happen again. And so far it hasn’t come back yet. And I hope it doesn’t plan to.

Brownout Counter: ||||