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June 1, 2015 ; Monday
A brand new start for the month of June. I got at least 8 hours of sleep. I think I slept at about 12 cuz I had a 2-hour nap yesterday. Yesterday, I couldn’t sleep cuz of my emotions. I wept silently and that’s another reason why I slept late. I couldn’t help. I just missed Cebu and the people there and the bed and Mousey.
Today, I had woke up earlier than the time I woke up in Cebu. But the breakfast is also different. At Cebu, Mamala always cooks breakfast. Here, in Albay, Mama doesn’t usually cook. We usually have bread and some other food you find that you would eat is available. That’s Mama, always busy. Even if I said I was done with breakfast I really am not. I’ll just wait for lunch to come. Now I am planning on tidying up my Blogger site. I also found some helpful extensions for WordPress. I’ll be back for updates!

Been finding themes and some wallpapers for a site. I watched Cupquake’s last cideo for Life is Strange Chapter 3: Chaos Theory. Poor Chloe. I wonder what happened to her. Maybe she got an accident when she was driving her car. We do not know. Let’s see in the 2 chapters to come.

I was searching Google for some kawaii Taylor Swift and Pokรจmon. Also some chibi versions. I’m gonna use them for some random things. I was using Aljo’s laptop so I can’t download there. I just bookmarked them first. Next time, I’ll copy it and transfer that bookmark to the computer bookmarks of Chrome.

I discovered this game called ‘To the Moon’. JaidenAnimations made a piano version of the song ‘For John’ and said that the game has a story. So checked it up on Wikipedia, of course. But I was tired to read so I watched PewdiePie’s videos of the game but I only finished the first episode. I didn’t even managed to finish the second one. What if I did them all? They were about more than 10 vids of that game. At that moment, I was feeling sleepy but I didn’t take a nap.

Dinner came. Minutes after dinner, a brownout happened. It occured for just less than 5 mins.

I already made Ate Mec’s email and FB account. The post entry yesterday was incomplete but I finished it yesterday. That was the reason why I had stay up a bit more late. Just to finish that entry and it was deleted jut like that. This is another reason to the post I made hours ago. I made a post that says that I will post when I feel to. Sometimes, I just don’t have the feeling or energy of writing at that moment. I hope you understand. When I have a good story to share or feelings to express, maybe that’ll be the time when I’ll be posting.

Have a good night! Sweet dreams! 

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