๐Ÿ”™ Our Comeback ๐Ÿ”œ

May 31, 2015 ; SundayToday’s the day we leve for Albay. I’m going home. I miss the perks of home like Vio, the computer and I watching the TV up front. ๐Ÿ˜ It’s different here in Cebu. A LOT different.

I wake up an about hour before we leave. I said to Mama that she should wake me up at 5 in the morning. But now that we woke up not-so-early she’s complaining and making us hurry up. She should’ve woken us up earlier. I just hate anyone who shouts.

I hurrried breakfast but I got breakfast and the bath in time. But I think I took the bath about 20 mins. so that would’ve taken long. and Aljo and Nico haven’t taken their baths yet.

I’ll miss Cebu, too. And who said I didn’t. Things I’ll miss are the people like Mamala, the malls cuz they’re big and the room with Mousey and the bed itself. Making me think of them just makes me cry. But I’m not gonna cry. No way. It makes me sad but not to the crying mood. ๐Ÿ˜”

We said our goodbyes and left going for the airport. We have a LOT of baggage. Because of the ‘pasalubong’, our baggage went up. ๐Ÿ”บ

Going to the airport, Aljo wanted to go to the CR. Did I forgot to telly you? My brother’s tummy was hurting when we left so now you why he wanted to go to the CR. We were finding a restaurant or fuel store or any store that has a CR in it. We were already almost going up the the old Mactan bridge. Luckily, there was a underpassage going to the under part of the bridge and Aljo had to go there cuz he has no choice whatsoever. If he can handle it or he would release it if he really doesn’t want to keep it. He made a choice. His choice was … He’s gonna take it.

It was my first time at an under part of a bridge. They said public CR but I thought it was a CR that ask for pay or like a porta-potty, something like that. We waited. There was a small carnival, I spotted it. Now, I know that ‘public CR’ means the great outdoors. Poor nature. Now, he is done.

Now we have gone to the airport. All things ready and nothing left. Papalo and Auntie Sharon gave their goodbyes and left.

Aljo asked me if there was a wet part on his pants and acually there was. Next, checking in. So we came in the airport. Aljo was too busy covering his wet part that he almost got lost. Good thing I saw him.

Daddy paid for some extra baggage cuz we have exceeded. Now, going through the process of putting our bags on the X-ray. Even belts and coins are included?! That’s nasty! Annoys me so much. This may be like the worst go back to home trip I have ever been.

Now that we’ve check-in, we are gonna be waiting for the plane. The staff that like ‘guards’ the entrance to the waiting area weighs the bags and somethings like that. She said that our box wasn’t fit so we have to repack them to a plastic. Believe that! Even boxes aren’t allowed. This is the second straw of my worst go back to home trip I have ever been to. 

But luckily, we found plastic and escaped theough those freakig missies. We have to go that X-ray again. We have to remove belts again. Ugh! Pathetic! This time they saw something different in my bag. Wow something different! They saw my little scissors. I did not know that was wasn’t allowed. No one told me. I saw it in a sign but I forgot all about it. They took the scissors and confiscated it. My cute tiny scissors. Because of scissors! Oh come on! You’ve gotta be kidding me! Scissors! Oh My Gosh! 

This is certified that this is the worst go back to home trip I have ever been to. Results to … Tampo mood!

Rejected food and drinks to bought for me. Neglected anything. Now boarding for the flight going to Albay. ‘Tampo mood’ is getting lower. I was getting calmer and calmer like I did before.

First, we took the bus cuz the plane’s a bit far from the waiting area. We had a lot of hand-carry bags. Good thing, they fit just fine in the storage space for the hand-carry bags.

Aljo wanted to be on the side with