Relative Meet-up

May 29, 2015 ; Friday Today’s the day for the Almirante clan reunion. I had forgot all about it. The start of my day is when I played on the iPhone. But unfortunately, Daddy saw me playing and figured out that I was awake already. I took a bath already. When I asked Aljo if there was something on my PJ’s he said yes. So I figured that, I might as well take a bath already. I had to take brunch again. I didn’t take breakfast cuz I took a bath that time. Mamala said that maybe I was on a diet (even if I’m not). I haven’t watched Oh My G! today cuz I was busy watching ‘Elle: A Modern Cinderella Tale’ and finding ‘American Girl’ movies on YouTube. In the comments, others said it’s not like a Cinderella tale at all. It’s like a Taylor-wannabee movie. Well, let’s just see about that. Maybe I’m not gonna make an overview today and I’m not sure if I can finish the movie. We maybe have to leave to visit a relative. The others are going to the reunion. Daddy’s going malling again. So there’s nobody in the house (maybe, I’m not so sure). Going to back when I can share something! Mamala, Papalo, Momila and Daddy about 3 hours ago. Daddy went with the iPhone so I can’t play Crossy Road and Disco Zoo. Now I understand. We are leaving about 8:30 in the evening to pick up Mamala, Papalo and Momila in the reunion and see our sick grandfather (which is Mamala’s brother). I said maybe I can’t finish the movie I was watching but I finished it anyway. It was nice and liked the songs. ๐Ÿ™‚ They were beautiful each with a mystery or secret history behind it. Yes, I didn’t really seemed like a Cinderella story kind but I was a little. I hadn’t watch FlordeLiza for today cuz I was busy watching the movie. I had watch ‘Nasaan Ka ng Kailangan Kita’. I saw a container with a teddy bear and maybe Nico would want to look at that picture. I also saw a name of ‘Bergen’ and maybe that was the brand. But when I saw that, I laughed. We let Nico see the container with the teddy bear picture. At first, it was fine with him. We left and came back to the room. That time, he hit me with the container almost in the face. Good thing, I wasn’t hit directly. He got angry cuz we gave him a container with nothing in it. So what?! That’s no reason to hit me with the conatiner. I hit him but not that hard. Good for him, I didn’t go the super extra mood cuz he’s not gonna like it. Also, I didn’t tell Mama cuz if I did I know Mama’s gonna speak to him andhe’ll get angry for cuz Mama confronted him in maybe in a different manner. At least, I was in a okay mood now. Gonna be updating later! See ya!

Here’s the newest movie overview I made. I hope you like it! Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog and rate my posts. Now, I’m going to continue my theme-picking for the blog. BRB! In about 2 hours, we’re gonna leave! Just an update!

We’re almost about to leave any minute now. Daddy’s here now. I thought he had bought me the headphones I wanted but he bought me another USB (which I also wanted but I wanted the headphones much more). It was 32 GB which could cost Daddy a thousand PhP. He said that the headphones were really pink so that’s maybe he didn’t bought them. He brought the Cookies & Cream Mamon from Red Ribbon. We let him see that about 2 days ago. We just saw them in a ad on YT. Leanna’s here. Be updating when we come back!

We couldn’t finish today’s episode for Pangako Sa’yo cuz we are gonna leave. I just hope there’ll be like a ‘In the previous episode …’. 

Now we are going to see the others at the reunion. Uncle Lee will drive us. While driving, of course, we could see the shops, malls, houses and other buildings when we pass through. This time, I could see Cebu in ‘night view’.

Mama said we’re going to Lapu-Lapu which’ll take us about 30 mins. I’m not sure if it’s exact or what but it may exceed or may be less than what Mama said. It has a reason to exceed cuz of the traffic. It takes about 3 mins. to make it a green traffic light.

See my article ‘City Life’ on the ‘Posts’ section. Just scroll down until you find it. 

We passed through the old Mactan bridge. By now, my legs hurt. I am feet and legs together cuz the 4 of us are sitting together in the middle row. But fortunately, to my luck, Mama noticed it and decided to sit with Daddy instead. 

We stopped for a while cuz we were maybe ‘lost’. We we’re asking for directions on where the resort might be. We saw a person wih a really white face. I didn’t really see it fully cuz when I move it’ll hurt so I decided not to, anymore.

Another stop for directions. We are now almost there. It’s good to see that people know the places in their community. Also tht they’re ready to help out people lost in their journey. At least, they don’t fool and joke around. So we have now come to our final destination. It took us about an hour cuz of the traffic.

We did some picture here and picture there. Even Uncle Lee did so, too! We first saw Autnie Peachy. At first, we thought we saw a stranger si Mama called out Auntie Peachy and they had recognized each other after.

Proceeding. We saw some swings an a bench that could spin you round and round and round. I had experienced that moment with Aljo. The individual swings were better.

Now we had found the event place. It was akward with the ‘relatives’ (which was to us were strangers a bit). We blessed some of the older relatives and some we didn’t cuz they we’re so many. Like about a hundred more! But it’s true. The Almirante family tree is large, huge, enormous.

We came upon a few numbers like piano and play-and-sing. Of course, the closing speech by Lolo Ador which is the VP of the reunion. 

After the program, we went to see Lolo Manoy the one which was sick. But we already were too late and he was already asleep. So we left and we are going home.

We took another way, a different one. The one with the new Mactan bridge. Uncle Edgar and Lolo Ben aren’t going home, they were staying at the resort for tonight.

It just took us less than 30 mins. to go home. It was already past 12. I took my snacks. Now I must sleep, it’s already going 1 so GN. Good night! ๐ŸŒ”