๐ŸŒ† City Life ๐ŸŒ†

Have you ever lived or even experienced the city life? Wih cars, trucks, buses, jeepneys and other vechicles surrounding you. With lots of shops, stores, malls, factories and buildings to pass through and go to. Especially, be hit by the load of traffic in the city by the vechicles and you have to wait for about 3 or more minutes just to pass. With lots of people which can either be good or bad, you decide.

Life in the city is really hard. It may be hard or am I just thinking that? Nevermind. It depends if your new or used to the city life. If you grew in a place like that or your from a rural province or something and just visiting or other reasons. It depends on your experience. Yeah, that’s the word ‘experience’.

All I know is that we are currently living in Albay which isn’t as big as Cebu. Cebu is big, enormous, giant. What more else can I say? It’s a city with bright lights … at night! (insert laugh here. You thought I was gonna end there but you were wrong.)

Mama was the one used to the city life cuz she was the one who lived in Cebu before. Daddy was used to something much smaller, Albay. But he used to travel because of his job (whatever his job is). We are used to Albay cuz we only visit Cebu after 2 years and we stay for just one month or more. We rarely don’t go out that much in Cebu. Also in Albay cuz you know, it’s small like I said. It doesn’t have very much spots to visit. If we do, we’ll have to prepare and we don’t have much time for that. Especially during classes and not in summer.

If ever you live in a big city, do you hear news always about anything? Do you see a lot of people around you especially in malls? Do you get used to big spaces and traffic? Do always find what you need and want? Not everything is perfect in cities. You think it may be complete with everything but no. There may be something missing, I really can’t tell what it is. You have to figre it out.

Note to the people in cities: Good luck! Do not get tired of living in the city. If want some space, I really don’t know where to go. Don’t ask me I’m not that used to the city like I said before. Enjoy your resources while it lasts but be careful. Be careful with your belongings and in your surroundings. Thank you and good day! ๐Ÿ˜‰