16 Movie References of the ‘Bad Blood’ Music Video

Did you notice the action-packed music video of ‘Bad Blood’ was Hollywood-worthy? Now, Tay could even star her movie. She has ‘experience’. 🙂 It could probably be a movie.

Here look for yourself if it is movie-worthy?

I saw a site with 16 movie references of the ‘Bad Blood’ music vid. But some of the comments said it was not references but ‘reminders’ of the movies. Let’s not judge. It’s their opinion. Some movies are ‘The Hunger Games’, ‘Rio’, ‘Quantum of Solace’ and a lot more. 

Some said a character was like the reference of ‘The Fifth Element’. Someone commented that on a certain part of the vid it was like ‘The Fight Club’. The number 2 movie reference was more of ‘Tron:Legacy’ movie someone mentioned in the comments. Also like ‘Resident Evil’ someone said. Not only movie references but also K-pop vids someone said, too. Let’s respect their comments and comparisons. We have freedom of speech so let’s not break the peace. K?

So if you want to know other movie references in the Bad Blood music vid, go here!