๐Ÿ˜‘ My not-so-good Day ๐Ÿ˜‘

Morning. Today I actually woke up at maybe 5:30 just to tun off the alarm in the iPhone. ‘Just to turn off the alram’. ๐Ÿ˜‘ I need wake up early, take a bath quickly and eat and dress up fast. And exactly, that just what I did! ๐Ÿ˜ When we were brushing, I got a small part of toothpaste but Aljo. Oh Aljo, he had toothpaste and … And saliva! Oh yes, I said it saliva.  I was laughing so hard. We should go back. Okay. Luckily, we went off just in time and everybody. Before we left I played CoC so I can do my war base but fortunately I sidn’t finsih it because we were gonna be leaving. I also played Crossy Road and used the prize machine. I and Aljo both had 4 clicks each but I misclicked and used one more so I said that I’ll collect coins again for him to do the clicking again. I got a unihorse which we have not one yet so it isn’t mine to get so it’s his. Going back. Uncle Bricks was left as our home takecarer for today starting that moment. So we left and off we go to another wonderous adventure! ๐Ÿš˜

We turned here and there. But we finally made it to … McDonalds?! Yup, you heard me McDo. Actually, it was suppossed to be the meeting place because Uncle Frederick and Auntie Heidi rented a service car for our visit to the Temple of Leah and the Taoiast Temple.

After some turning left and right and a lot of ‘up’, we finally made it to the Temple of Leah. I expected it to be fully open but I expected to much. Also expect the unexpected as they always say if do say so myself. There were a few statues: statues of Artemis, Aphrodite (I think so) and some lions and of course let us not forget the statue of Mrs. Leah, the reason why that temple was built. At first, we thought the temple was closed but only ‘cars’ weren’t the ones allowed. It’s not a parking area anyway. We took some picture taking. Of course, what trip wouldn’t have pictures, cameras and photoshoots. When were done, we left for the Taoist Temple.

Off we go to the Taoist Temple. In a few minutes, we were there already. It also was a little uphill like the Temple of Leah. There was really one strict rule: Do not take pictures of their saints. There were even people hired just to fulfill that rule. There were two choices that you can choose to go up: either the 100 steps or the shortcut which is for vechicles. I still remember the dragon back then. The was also koi fishes like before. Also the stage and the altars. The new thing was it was giving away free tea for FREE! Also we went up the stairs (not the 100 steps but the 50 steps). We saw another altar with another guard and something like a wishing well. The odd thing was it has this pot thing-like structure which you have to shoot to maybe fulfill our wish. I didn’t shoot but I almost did. Shoot! ๐Ÿ˜ซ FYI, I saw a Pokรจmon-like battlefield there. I can be seen in maybe during the 100 steps either going up or down. So we’ll be moving forward.

We went back to Parkmall to have lunch. We ate in a restaurant somewhat have a Mexican food theme. While waiting, I played in the iPhone. He got a little angry just because I always use the iPhone and he just uses it sometimes. It’s because I always carry he iPhone with me. Of course, me, I’m a little sensitive. No, really sensitive but not that much so I really did ‘tampo’. I frowned and others really did see me in that way. When I’m in that kind of mood, I don’t accept anything and if someone gives something to me I don’t accept it especially when taking pics. I only ate a few cuz of my mood. I wanted to try the other food but cuz of my food I didn’t want to anymore. When we were about to leave, Momila approached me and asked me why I was ‘tampo’. I just said nothing. I felt her love for me that time. I forgot to tell, Mama as usual always says that we should stop that ‘tampo’ which makes me more angry. Even angry at her, too. Going back. When we were finished, we went outside and waited for I don’t really know but I was still in my ‘tampo’ mood. The were taking a group photo and of course I did not join even if Momila asked me to join. I still didn’t. I just let it pass. So we went to the parking area to go to Parkmall (cuz the carnival’s near it). We passed a CR station so we might as well take the opportunity to do our toilet needs. I didn’t feel like going to the toilet so I didn’t go. Mama asked me if I wanted to join her go to Mercury Drugstore. I joined anyway. She just brought Coke and toilet paper. I wanted to join water with that but I didn’t want to yet. Mama went back to the Mercury Drugstore. I also joined, too. This time she needed to find the ingredients for Grahams: graham crackers, condensed milk and Nรจstle cream. She didn’t find any of that and she didn’t have anything to pay so I just joined it anyway. So we left for Parkmall. I left my bad emotions there, too.

We had to go to Parkmall cuz it’s the very near location for a hangout. We first headed at the grocery for some needs or maybe wants, too. Next, we went to the plaza (I just like to call it that) with the wishing well. We headed to the NBS (National Book Store) to check out the books there. We also saw a Booksale shop but we’d rather pick NBS. It was not ‘that’ big but it still contained books I may like and I was finding. I saw ‘The Bane Chronicles’, ‘Wicked’, some Mortal Instruments series, Harry Potter series and some Percy Jackson books. There were a lot of cool YA (Young Adult) books. When I see the cover, I just want to buy it already. So that’s me! ๐Ÿ˜ Nico had been bought books by Mama (as a payment for the P500 picture fee and as a prize). The boy had almost enough with me. But we can’t Mama just always pay for what we want only the important stuff. But Nico just makes excuses and whines to get what he wants. Very childish. ๐Ÿ‘ถ Stop of that topic now. We saw 2 dogs in the Parkmall. It was ‘Park’mall anyway. There were even ‘pet stations’. What was that?! Something new. The last time we visited I didn’t see dogs or any pets. So we headed to the carnival by car. We passed the grocery store and a ice cream stand so Auntie Sharon decided to buy a cornetto for each one of us. We went to the car each with a cornetto in our hands. Then, we went to the carnival. But Uncle Frederick and the others in their car went their first.

We went next after them. When we got there, the carnival wasn’t open yet. It opens about 5:45 or 6 in the evening. So we waited about 2 hours there. Waiting. ๐Ÿ˜ถ Just waiting. ๐Ÿ˜ถ The time was so slow back then. But when the rides were open (at about 6:15 or 6), the time was fast like a ride just took a minute.

Our first ride was the Bumper Cars. Forgot to tell you that before the bumper cars opened, there was already a ride opened before that, the ‘Flying Bee’. It happened to be like have Jollibee’s face but the stripes are different colors and he has a half tux. Yes, half only. I enjoyed it even thought I didn’t drive.  I don’t know how so Marielle would drive. But she, too didn’t know so it’s like a freestyle driving lesson. Vroom, vroom here. Bump, bump there. Kaboom everywhere? No, fun everywhere. ๐Ÿ™‰ It was enjoyable. Let us proceed.

The ‘caterpillar’ ride. It just goes round but the rails are not in one pattern. It’s a little up and down kind but not as high as a roller coaster. The problem was it has bumps. But I don’t expect the carnival to be a extravagant one like the international ones. By the way, it has free admission. Moving forward.

Next was the cable ‘bench’. I just like to call it that. It has a 2-sitter bench. You can see the view of the carnival up there. It was a nice view. That’s why they recommend it to be opened at night. It looked more beautiful. And bright, let’s not forget that. While waiting for the rides open, we saw a beautiful sunset. Beautiful. Very beautiful. Stunning. ๐Ÿ˜Ž Going back.

When we were finished, Leanna with her companions came to the carnival. She rode the ‘Flying Bee’ ride with Uncle Lee, Derick and another companion of Leanna.

Mama saw a game wherein you have to throw pisos to have a prize. You just have to shoot them in the square but there are other stuff that are very strict in getting which is unfair. Because of that, she get a lot of pisos which can be a fortune if you have a lot.

We didn’t do anything after that just walked and chitchat and looked at the others in the rides. There were already a lot of people but earlier it was just us. It was attractive and it has free entrance so who wouldn’t go.

The adults decided to eat dinner at …. McDo. Yes, McDo again. I got to the ‘tampo’ mood again because of Nico, not Aljo. Just because I didn’t call him fat (even if it’s true) and I just get annoyed every time he says ‘racist’ even if I’m not speaking. I just moved to the opposite table. When we were eating, I just ate quietly. When someone was giving away food, I didn’t accept it. But Momila gave me some if her chicken, I didn’t want it but she really wanted to give so I just accepted it (even if didn’t want to).

Another problem was with the transportation. Uncle Lee didn’t brought their car but we have separate houses so one or two persons must go with Auntie Heidi to their home. They’re just gonna get their needed stuff and go back to the house to drop that person/s. Auntie Sharon joined with them and another companion of Leanna. Nico didn’t want to join so he’d join the blue car ride (Papalo’s car) but he didn’t like where he sat he liked the ‘middle’ seat. Choosy, I know right. ๐Ÿ˜ก He made ‘pitik-pitik’ to me. I hate him and his stupid mannerism. And went for home.

We went home and I turned on the TV to watch Your Face Sounds Familiar. 2 of the contestants were already done performing. Maxene was the one we had started to watch. We had watched the rest of the remaining contestants When Auntie Sharon was home, she was with Marielle’s family. They were gonna sleep here in Auntie Sha’s room with Momila. I may be a little crowded there but they’ll surpass that problem through. I had now watched the performance of Jay-R and Jolina on YT when Auntie Sharon came home. Oh, I had also watched Banana Split:Extra Scoop. It has (not very) hilarious but funny. ๐Ÿ˜€ Ok let’s call it a night. Nighty-night!