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May 14, 2015 ; Thursday

Hey guys! I really woke up at 5:35 in the morning but Mama said that I should sleep again. After that, I tried to get some sleep again. But I haven’t slept yet. Trying to sleep, I got the opportunity to get Mousey (a teddy with a head of mouse, mostly and the rest, a hotdog). I used my teddy to take cover while I got Mousey.

After 30 minutes, I couldn’t sleep again but I tried to. After an hour later, I really couldn’t sleep again so I just decided to wake up completely. Before I totally decided to wake up, I was (really wasn’t) reading e-books on an app and downloaded more books to read. But I wasn’t reading just yet. I also checked some of my games if something happened in case.

Now, I really woke up after about 2 hours have passed. Nico turned on the lights but I wasn’t ready for lights just yet but I adjusted anyway. It’s not like I’m allergic to it. *giggles here 😅 I may be going now cuz I have to eat (?). Maybe. Just maybe. MmhKayBye! -Wassabi Productions——————————————————————————————————————————— It’s 8:55. I’m finished eating. So is Nico. Aljo is still eating. I played Crossy Road a few minutes ago and checked on Disco Zoo. I finally got the mystery character, Andy Sum. I also achieved a new high score of 100 points in Crossy Road.

Leanna visited but she was only here for a few minutes. She just stopped by to say hello to us. The adults also asked for here name (even if they know it already!). Maybe they were doing it for practice and checking if she really knows her name. She just can pronounce ‘r’ that great yet. Babies are like that. I think. I just think so. I get back to you later. Nico wants to use the computer now. I’ll just come back for more updates.———————————————————————————————————————————Hey guys, I’m back. Already finished eating lunch, watching TV and …. washing the dishes. 😦 It’s sad but we have to face it. The maid already left last week. Papalo gave me a (not-so-very-old) cellphone. The foldable one. Motorola’s the brand. The dessert for lunch was delish! Sago and mango in one scrumptious dessert. I am now full. While waiting for the dishes to be arranged, I was on the 4-steps staircase, playing. Going up and down. When suddenly, I almost tripped. Yeah, I tripped but only a little. I thought they heard it but I guess they didn’t. Good for me!

I opened my Goodreads account and decided to post blog updates on the Blogger Lift group even though I don’t use Blogger. I made a Blogger site but it’s new with no posts yet. It’s hard to combine to blogs in one especially if I’m busy. By the way, I opened one thread on the group and took a look on the comments. I found a blog with a different domain name. It had blogname.’livejournal.com’. Live Journal was it’s domain. I opened the site cuz I was curious. To my surprise, I was cute but not with so much posts maybe about 5 or less than that. Cassandra Clare, too had a blog on Live Journal. I was planning to make an account there, too. Before that, I watched the intro vid of the site. I can relate to what it has to say. That’s all for now. I’ll just update once again when I have something to say. Peace!———————————————————————————————————————————Going back. Finished with my bath now. Before I took that bath, I played a game for maybe 30 mins. to an hour. It’s name is Twilight City: Love as a Cure. Well, actually I’m playing on my Auntie’s laptop. Thanks Tita Mom! 😀 Then I watched TV shows again. Flor de Liza and Nasaan Ka ng Kailangan Kita are these TV shows. I ate something that delights me very much. The sago and mango juice (?) again. 😀 It. is. very. Delicious! 😀

When I came to go back to play and decided to post and update this entry, Mamala was blocking the seat where I should seat but she woke up maybe because I made some noise that she might’ve heard. But it is really her schedule to wake up by that time. While I was in the bathroom, I was thinking to make a poll here. Something different, eh? I’m not sure yet but I’ll try. Go here to ☛ Vote here! ☚ I’ll come back for the maybe last 2 updates. See ya!———————————————————————————————————————————I’m back! I read the book ‘Percy Jacksons’s Greek Gods’ which I brought t Cebu. In the afternoon after posting, I asked Aljo which apps could be deleted. I deleted Village Life and I think there’s another app but I forgot.

I got to wash today’s dinner dishes. Boo! 👎 But I have to. It’s my duty here but I don’t always wash on dinner. Only when I’m said to. I got sweaty a little. Mamala invited us to look outside because the construction already started but I said I’ll just look after I finish washing the dishes. And I did. Also I found the solution on how to turn on the Motorola phone. It just needed some charging. And it worked. Voila! Works like a charm. It’s life begins again.

Don’t forget about Leanna’s daily visit. She came here with Auntie Tame and Uncle Lee. They have with th boxing ed to equipment. When they were training and being fit, Leanna had thought that they had been fighting. With gloves, punches and everything, what child or specifically speaking an almost 2-year-old child would you expect them to think about the scenario. At least, she appreciates and values her family that they may not separate and stay as one. Good baby! 😀 I hope all babies like that still are like that even when they grow up.

Auntie Sharon introduced me to another new game called ‘Hospital Haste’. It’s nice like Hotel Dash. Not in a hotel but a hospital obviously. Gonna be doozing off after this. Night! 😴