Incomplete Post

May 2, 2015 ; Saturday

Good morning world! Woke up at 6 cuz of the lights and people who were talking and preparing breakfast. I watched them and walked in and out of the room.ย It took maybe an hour and a half to cook breakfast. They just used coal to cook cuz there’s no gas here.

They said that Derick slept at 1 in the morning cuz his things to hug wasn’t there. He’s like me but I slept anyway. Yeah, I’m finished with breakfast already. Derick said he’s gonna ho swimming again but I’m not gonna.
Yesterday, I can’t sleep fast cuz my legs hurt from swimming yesterday. In the morning, I was have a slight sneezing problem. Yeah, it was cold so I didn’t really sleep and wake up good. I’ll update later. Bye!
They are going to swim but I’m not and Aljo. But Aljo still joined cuz there’s nothing to do. While waiting to leave, I was watching tv. While watching, I discovered the other channels available. There’s sport channels, anime and music show.
I’m already done with lunch so we are gonna leave. Everything’s set. Goodbye hotel! Catch ya later!
(Sorry post had been incomplete because of the app. The WordPress app had ‘crashed’ when I was posting. The whole post had been erased COMPLETELY. I hope you understand. Apologies!)