😉 I’m Ready! 😉

April 28, 2015 ; Tuesday

Morning everyone! Woke up 9:30 in the morning. Ate 2 mini donuts (or ‘munchkins’ as we call it) for breakfast. My brother was still asleep so he hugged my teddy (which he didn’t really like), wohoo! 😂 I’ll post again later so stay tuned!


Oh yeah, It was Momila’s birthday yesterday but we didn’t got to greet her except Mama. Daddy saw a pic on FB and said it was her bday. Belated happy birthday Momila! 🎉 Yesterday, when we were in bed already, I went to the CR cuz my tummy hurts and again, went *toot*. I was relieved after that. I went to bed okay. Up next: Oh My G! 👍


Done taking lunch and watching Oh My G. Meal for lunch is ‘menudo’. It’s a food in the Philippines. Don’t forget to check out the new page I made minutes ago. Make sure to try out my game suggestions I gave. Happy playing! 🙂 Watch out for the next blog update!


So Madam Bertud again was featured in a session called ‘adVICE GANDA’. A teen asked her what is the difference of ‘crush’ and ‘love’. Love is loving someone but you don’t know why so it’s actually loving for no reason. Crush and like is just ‘light‘ love. After that, Mama began to trace our feet and hand sizes, for remembrance ‘daw‘. Oh well! Don’t forget to send me your feedbacks ’bout my new blog!


When it was Flor de Liza, a fortune teller came to our house and invited us 3 kids over so she can ‘maybe’ read our future and describe what she sees in us (attitudes and future).

She said I was going to be successful in any course I get in college. As long as I do my best and I like and enjoy what I’m doing I can really be successful.

Mama said that there are dwarves or ‘duende’ in our house and 2 white ladies but they are both good. thank God! I hope they continue to be that way.

I also decided which USBs I will bring. They already contain which movies, songs and games I would like to bring with me to Cebu. I downloaded 2 more movies: Hotel Transylvania and The Lego Movie. I just hope they’ll be finished fast.


I’m already finished eating dinner which is fish. Yum! 😛 When I was finished and went to the bedroom with my lil’ bro, there was a sudden brownout. I just lasted for about maybe 5 minutes so it was fine.

The Lego Movie is finished. Hotel Transylvania is 60% already finished. Although, The Lego Movie had a problem. I was a 2-tiled video. There’s a video on the left and another one on the right. But they’re just playing the same thing. So I had to find an answer on how to split them up. I just found the opposite of that which is how to combine, mix and put 2 videos together instead of splitting them up. I just decided not to split them up at all and remain how it is. We’ll just have to focus on one video (even if they’re playing the same thing!).

I found (not very) old pics from the Videos folder which I used to make my other video requests with. Luckily, I found more Taylor Swift pics without downloading them again. I am lucky! ” You just gotta dig a little deeper. ” – from the movie ‘The Princess and the Frog’  … Time for Forevermore! Gotta go! See ya later!

Done watching Forevermore and drinking my vitamins. Did you drink your vitamins already? So you can be healthy. 

Only 2 days before going to Cebu! #excited 😘

Good night everyone! Nighty-night! Don’t let the bed bugs bite! 🌛